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The Merry Minstrels
Two Of A Kind

Endless Varieties

The Backstage Revue, can provide anywhere from a ½ to 1 hour show that will guarantee a successful fund raiser, enhance any private party, public function or simply end any meeting or party with a rousing Las Vegas Salute. Our variety is endless as you can see as well as our energy and love of the arts.

The Merry Minstrels

Shows for every Holiday and every event that will provide original and creative parody songs. Professionally choreographed dances and creative comedy skits written by Ann Vizzaccero.

Two Of A Kind

Bill and Ann present a very personable and interactive show. Live music with Bill on the keyboard and Ann on the Guitar. We interact with each other and with the audience. Excellent for a dinner show, home party or any opportunity to have some fun .

Merry Minstrels

A Senior Musical Comedy Troupe that can provide a dynamite variety show for any occasion. The “Merry Minstrels”, are proud to feature; The Ovation Dancers, Erik McMillan who has been featured on the Perry Como Show, The Ed Sullivan Show and was with the Military Choir for many years. Sonja Swenson who is the Dance Captain of our jazz and tap routines. She is an expert because she learned the Irish Jig in the crib. Lee & Theresa are our Las Vegas showgirls and Beth is our resident character comic as well as a dancer and singer.

Ann Vizzaccero, Director and Producer of the Backstage Revue is a playwright, lyricist, vocalist, dancer and comedian. With a few more credits she will have her BFA in Fine Arts. We can provide a show for any occasion. If you don’t see what you like, let us know and we will create it.

With Our Music, Comedy
And Dance You’ll Find
You Can’t Go Wrong We’re

A truly entertaining and fun show with live music, singing and comedy featuring Bill McClure and Ann Vizzaccero. Bill, a former resident of Los Angeles, California and former owner of a famous night club and restaurant called McClure’s. He started entertaining in 1954 playing the bass for local Los Angeles Rock & Roll bands. He then moved on to writing arrangements for Don Lane, Gil & Nick and the So N So’s. From there, he went on the road with Kaye Stevens as her Music Director and Bass Player. After bidding farewell to the road and spending twenty six years in the night club business he made a major change. He moved to Las Vegas, started playing the piano. Bill continues to function as the Music Director and does music arrangements for many groups. The Backstage Revue is so fortunate to have such a talented entertainer.

Ann Vizzaccero accompanies Bill with songs that are original or written parodies to familiar music. She accompanies Bill on the guitar in “Country Classics”. Plays the tambourine in “Ragtime” and sings along with Bill for all our shows. We have several show themes and continue working on bringing you more. Our goal is to have fun and make sure that you, as the audience, have fun right along with us.

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